About Sharyn

From early on, I felt this need to create all types of art and that is what I've known to be true throughout my life. Receiving a BS from the Maine College of Art and a BFA from the University of Southern Maine - all of my schooling has been in the arts. Whether it's been teaching art or directing films, it has led me down many eye-opening paths. And in 2015, I took a break from my filmmaking, so that I could immerse myself back into my love for drawing and painting.

I'm primarily interested in painting people and animals - figurative and narrative work. What I find compelling is what is going on inside my subjects and how honestly I can convey that emotion, even subtly. My sensitivity to their environment plays a role in the mood of the piece as well. Revealing what's behind someone's eyes, mixing in a touch of whimsy, having fun with composition, color and light, all add to the storytelling. I like leaving the viewer with the opportunity to wonder, to look within themselves and hopefully connect to the greater whole. There is often a depth and a lightness to my work.  

This lifelong passion to create comes from a place I do not question, as it's filled with joy. My decision making in who and what I paint is an intuitive process I've learned to trust. I've always felt a natural affinity for different cultures and exploring people and places from around the world, has allowed me the opportunity to paint the fascinating people I've met.  



As a proud Mainer, my work also represents people who live near the sea and the gorgeous surroundings in my home state.  Presently, I'm working on a Native American project, "Blood Sisters and Brothers," that was inspired by my childhood friend from the Penobscot Nation in Maine. Part of the sales proceeds will go to the Penobscot Nation Youth Program. My aim is to show the beauty, the boldness and the soul in each of my subjects. It's a privilege to shine a well deserved light.  

In addition to my work as a painter, I'm also a filmmaker. I appreciate the similarities in both mediums. They broaden my awareness and my view. It's essential to stay open and to keep taking leaps into the unknown - in art as it is in life. 

I attended a summer session at the Rhode Island School of Design and graduated with a BFA in Jewelry and Photography from the Maine College of Art. I also received a BS in Art Education and taught art for several years.

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I am represented by The Gallery at Somes Sound on Mount Desert Island, Maine.

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