New Beginnings

I have been in my studio painting for months now and I am thrilled to start sharing my artwork with all of you! My aim is to get into the ideal galleries, wherever they may be, with the unique work I do. My paintings most often include people and animals. I like to tell a story, through the elements of my composition, through the eyes, through someone's soul.  

One of my most recent paintings will be a part of the Maine College of Art's COLLECT Art Sale. If you are in the Portland, ME area, please mark your calendar. The sale runs from October 8th-10th. It is a fun/smart/easy way to build your art collection with work from Maine artists. Half of the proceeds will go to scholarship funds for MECA. Many talented artists will be on display and have work available for purchase. For more information please visit MECA's site: - I hope to see you there!  

Please continue visiting... I'm close to completing my next 30" x 40" painting! Thank you!!!

Below, is the painting I'm contributing to COLLECT.                                                                  'In This Together,' Acrylic, 36" x 36"