New painting projects

I have two new painting series that I'm excited about working on.  One is underway and the other will begin soon enough.  If I weren't thrilled about both of them,  I would not be moving forward in that direction.  It's so important to me to invest my whole self into my work... my heart... and my soul.  When it comes from a place of love, a stirring inside, when it comes easily and isn't forced, I know I'm heading where I want to go.  Both of these projects are full circle endeavors.  They tie into my sentimental past and they serve as enlightening my present and future.  For the project I've begun, I'm using old photographs of people that have positively affected my life and changing some of the past storylines.  I'm adding new elements, taking people on journeys, creating new experiences... having fun with all the possibilities and promise.  

In the near future, I will share this next painting of my Mom who's traveling out west in her old light blue T-Bird.  Hang on, it's an adventurous trip!