Art Fever

As the days move forward in my life (no soap opera theme here, promise), this relentless drive and mission I have to create just grows.  Of course, paying attention to being the open hearted person I want to be remains at the top of my list.  It's a worthy and necessary one in my book.  And all the while, I hunger to create more.  Nothing new really, just ramped up on high.  I am letting my inner speak, speak (you know what I mean) and I like what it has to say.  Sometimes, it's a few steps ahead of where I am and it's often incredibly bold.  I resonate with boldness and courage and facing the uncomfortable.  It does reap great rewards.  I'm eager to catch up with all those grand ideas and visions (keep 'em coming), though that strong desire to "do it all" creatively can be heavy in its own way.  I'm looking to play with the lightness of it as much as possible and at the same time, see it as the divine gift it is.  Take the gifts seriously, woman.  It seems, I have a lot to say (and a lot is being spoken to me) and I'm planning on saying it through several forms.  All the wild fantasies I had as a kid, well, there's no time like the present to get on it!  GO!  I am painting, more or less, feverishly.  I will be showing my paintings at a gallery soon.  Stay tuned in.  I'm up to a few special surprises that, no doubt, surprise me first and foremost.  That's a fun part of the process, for sure.  I put them in the category of ~ all good.  To you ~ may you have fun with all your creative impulses too!