My paintings are in The Gallery at Somes Sound

Happy to share that I am now being represented by The Gallery at Somes Sound, Mount Desert Island, Maine.  The gallery is in close proximity to Acadia National Park. 

It's a dream gallery for several reasons.  It sits on one of the prettiest spots anywhere.  The space is filled with light, it's spacious and there's a flow to viewing the work.  Oh and the artwork is topnotch on a national level.  So humbled.  So grateful.   

Here's one of my paintings in the gallery.  "Reverence"  36" X 36"  Acrylic/Oil.  This is one from my Native American series.  Carol is from the Penobscot Nation in Maine.  The other paintings of mine are figurative/narrative pieces, though the subjects are children on the Maine coast.

Please come to the OPEN HOUSE on July 1st, 2017 from 4 - 6.  The location is 1112 Main Street, Somesville, Maine.





"Reverence"  36" X 36"  Acrylic/Oil

"Reverence"  36" X 36"  Acrylic/Oil

Santa Fe & new paintings

My photographer husband ( and I were just out in Santa Fe appreciating life... the other worldly rock formations, the gritty terrain, bodacious skies, fellow artists and ART!  Rich and juicy fine art!  What a thrill to be out West again and see it together, as our eyes are even more seasoned than the last time.  That's the beauty of growing older and wiser, right?  There's less stuff to get hung up on (less stuff in general) and more to be savored on every journey.  I showed my paintings to several galleries and was happy to hear such positive reviews.  Grateful to the wonderful folks we met.  Oh, my work on those gallery walls!  And since, I'm rather obsessed with Western Art, it is all falling into place.  We'll be back soon, New Mexico.  Thanks!


In the meantime, I am all aglow around my work.  So many inspirational ideas are ready to spill out onto the canvas.  I have two new paintings that I started over the summer.  "Home Land" is just about complete (maybe a touch up or two or maybe I'm really done and just don't know it yet ; ) and another will be posted soon.  They are both a part of my Native American series.  Enjoy and see you again soon...

"Home Land" 48" X 60" Oil on Canvas

"Home Land" 48" X 60" Oil on Canvas

Latest painting in American Indian Project

So many paintings await my attention in this project I have underway.  And as far as I'm concerned, THAT is a very cool place to be.  It keeps me up at night and brings me to visualizing, dreaming (in an awake state ; ), imagining, sorting, creating, storytelling, etc.  This project has real meaning for me and I am eager to produce more work for you to see.  I want to give a voice to people that I've always believed were connected to things that matter, to things on a higher plane.  Native people have had enormous impact on me and how I see this world.  This series also ties back to my Native American childhood friend that I became blood sisters with in my garage many moons ago.  This is not based in any kind of logic, as it really is about my listening to a calling, a voice and direction that stirs my soul.  It's a full circle feeling I have finally and happily dove into.  May I do justice to these beautiful human beings.   

'An Eagle Flies'

'An Eagle Flies'

New painting projects

I have two new painting series that I'm excited about working on.  One is underway and the other will begin soon enough.  If I weren't thrilled about both of them,  I would not be moving forward in that direction.  It's so important to me to invest my whole self into my work... my heart... and my soul.  When it comes from a place of love, a stirring inside, when it comes easily and isn't forced, I know I'm heading where I want to go.  Both of these projects are full circle endeavors.  They tie into my sentimental past and they serve as enlightening my present and future.  For the project I've begun, I'm using old photographs of people that have positively affected my life and changing some of the past storylines.  I'm adding new elements, taking people on journeys, creating new experiences... having fun with all the possibilities and promise.  

In the near future, I will share this next painting of my Mom who's traveling out west in her old light blue T-Bird.  Hang on, it's an adventurous trip!



For the last several weeks, I've been painting my mom and her brother as kids. My mother passed away close to two years ago. She faced the debilitating effects of a massive brain hemorrhage with a kind of grace I have not quite seen before or since, for that matter. That grace carried her through many more years here.  Her spirt is alive, well and free. Thankfully, I feel her wisdom and love daily. I have an awe-some angel who has always been free. I like to think we all are. 

Working on this painting has been a cathartic and fascinating journey. 

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on 207 show tonight - interview about msff and screening at SPACE Gallery tomorrow!

Today, I have been glued to the painting I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's always a challenge to put my paint brushes down, though I have to head out the door asap for an interview with Channel WCSH for their 207 show. I will be talking about the Maine Short Film Festival with Louise Rosen, one of the jurors. I am honored that my film 'Heart and Hand' is part of this Festival which will be screened all over Maine. Speaking of MSFF, it will be showing at SPACE gallery in downtown Portland, ME tomorrow night ( 1/7/2016) and tickets are almost sold out!

Please tune into channel 6 (WCSH) at 7pm to hear about the film festival on 207.

For more details about tomorrow's screening, please visit:

For information about additional screenings please visit:

Grateful to have another film in another festival!  Look for 'Heart & Hand' playing in a theater near you...

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Art Fever

As the days move forward in my life (no soap opera theme here, promise), this relentless drive and mission I have to create just grows.  Of course, paying attention to being the open hearted person I want to be remains at the top of my list.  It's a worthy and necessary one in my book.  And all the while, I hunger to create more.  Nothing new really, just ramped up on high.  I am letting my inner speak, speak (you know what I mean) and I like what it has to say.  Sometimes, it's a few steps ahead of where I am and it's often incredibly bold.  I resonate with boldness and courage and facing the uncomfortable.  It does reap great rewards.  I'm eager to catch up with all those grand ideas and visions (keep 'em coming), though that strong desire to "do it all" creatively can be heavy in its own way.  I'm looking to play with the lightness of it as much as possible and at the same time, see it as the divine gift it is.  Take the gifts seriously, woman.  It seems, I have a lot to say (and a lot is being spoken to me) and I'm planning on saying it through several forms.  All the wild fantasies I had as a kid, well, there's no time like the present to get on it!  GO!  I am painting, more or less, feverishly.  I will be showing my paintings at a gallery soon.  Stay tuned in.  I'm up to a few special surprises that, no doubt, surprise me first and foremost.  That's a fun part of the process, for sure.  I put them in the category of ~ all good.  To you ~ may you have fun with all your creative impulses too!

New Beginnings

I have been in my studio painting for months now and I am thrilled to start sharing my artwork with all of you! My aim is to get into the ideal galleries, wherever they may be, with the unique work I do. My paintings most often include people and animals. I like to tell a story, through the elements of my composition, through the eyes, through someone's soul.  

One of my most recent paintings will be a part of the Maine College of Art's COLLECT Art Sale. If you are in the Portland, ME area, please mark your calendar. The sale runs from October 8th-10th. It is a fun/smart/easy way to build your art collection with work from Maine artists. Half of the proceeds will go to scholarship funds for MECA. Many talented artists will be on display and have work available for purchase. For more information please visit MECA's site: - I hope to see you there!  

Please continue visiting... I'm close to completing my next 30" x 40" painting! Thank you!!!

Below, is the painting I'm contributing to COLLECT.                                                                  'In This Together,' Acrylic, 36" x 36"